Lighthouse Healthcare Transition Pathway- creating a positive transition for young people into the adult care setting

Transition Pathway

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Creating a positive transition for young people into the adult care setting

Change is difficult for young people, especially those who have complex needs, such as a learning disability or autism spectrum disorder.

The period of transition when a young person moves from young people’s services to adult services is a difficult and somewhat daunting time, which can cause anxiety and distress. Finding a suitable adult placement can also be challenging for their care team as responsibility moves from child to adult services.

Many young people leaving residential school placements will move on to independent living in the community however, some may require a continued safe and supportive care setting in adulthood.

Specialist pathways of health and social care for people with learning disabilities, autism and mental health issues Creating a positive transition for young people into the adult care setting

Lighthouse Healthcare provides both Enhanced Social Care services and hospital placements for people with learning disabilities, autism and mental health issues, many whose complex and multiple needs and behaviour which challenges means they require a safe and robust setting with rehabilitation.

As a provider of specialist pathways of health and social care for people with complex and multiple needs, we understand the importance of having a caring, consistent yet robust setting where opportunities for developing independence and living a good and meaningful life are  maximised.

Lighthouse services are able to support young people with a learning disability and/or autism spectrum disorder transitioning from children’s to adult services through a planned, gradual and fully supported transition process.

We work alongside local IST, CTLD and LD social work teams and also with the transitional teams, families and carers to support young people throughout the process of transition into the services and their discharge into the community.

Bridging,what is often a large gap between living in a residential setting where the person is fully supported, to moving to supported living is paramount for some young people.

Lighthouse Healthcare- Specialist pathways of health and social care for people with learning disability, autism and mental health issuesLighthouse is able to provide services for young people who are:

  • Leaving residential school placements and continue to require a robust social care placement in the community. Young people can be admitted to Lighthouse’s Enhanced Social Care services for a specified period for a full assessment to be completed by their community team and also Lighthouse. This allows assessment whilst the person is safe and settled in a robust environment. The service team can assess the person’s self-care and daily living skills and develop care plans to support the development of independent living skills. A structured and robust discharge plan can then be developed and carried out from the service to ensure that the longer term placement within the community is successful
  • Leaving residential schools and because of their high needs and risks and ongoing challenging behaviour require a period of assessment and rehabilitation in a hospital setting, prior to moving to a community based setting. Hospital placements are available for young people who would benefit from a specified period of assessment, treatment and rehabilitation from a multi-disciplinary setting in a safe and robust hospital environment. This allows their needs as a young adult to be processed and planned in preparation for their move into the community. A discharge plan is commenced on admission which clearly identifies the timescale, steps and outcomes for a successful move on

Our Care Settings

Our robust apartment based living environments have been designed to replicate domestic living as closely as possible, allowing individuals the opportunity to experience having their own “front door” and living independently often for the first time.Our person centred Positive Transitions pathway for young people into the adult care setting

Young people are given opportunities and enabled to to be responsible for planning their own meals, shopping, cooking meals and budgeting. They are supported to develop their daily living skills such as housekeeping and self-care within

a safe and supportive environment and become involved in their community through outcomes focused activities and access to employment, training and voluntary opportunities which foster social inclusion.

Person Centred care incorporates the following elements:

  • Individually tailored recovery and rehabilitation pathways
  • Care delivered and reviewed following My Shared Pathway or My Plan
  • On-going support to aid in transition to adulthood
  • Positive risk taking
  • Strengths based approach
  • Positive behaviour management strategies 
  • Access to meaningful and stimulating activity seven days a week
  • Developing independent living skills and community engagement
  • A strong emphasis on safeguarding
  • Robust clinical governance
  • Access to independent advocacy
  • Strong multiagency and family partnerships to ensure a holistic package of care and pathway

Our services aim to deliver the following outcomes for young people: Lighthouse Healthcare- Our care settings for young people transitioning into adult care setting

  • Successful transition into an adult community based setting
  • Greater choice, control and independence
  • Improved daily living skills
  • Improved communication
  • Stability
  • Effective management of behaviour
  • Social inclusion
  • Dignity and respect


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