Information for carers and the public on outcomes and involvement

The following information illustrates the data collected by Lighthouse about outcomes and involvement in the form of service user, carer and commissioner experiences.


Outcomes are one of the key quality standards that can be used to monitor and improve services. Different types of outcome are available including clinical outcomes, service effectiveness and efficiency outcomes.

The clinical measures currently used within Lighthouse include Health of the Nation Outcome Scales (HoNOS), The Recovery Star and  My Shared Pathway.  Service effectiveness and efficiency measures include Commissioning for Quality and Innovation (CQUIN), Average Lengths of Stay and Discharge Destinations.

Quality Account

A Quality Account is a report about the quality of services by an NHS healthcare provider. The reports are published annually by each provider, including the independent sector, and are available to the public. View and download our Quality Account using the link below.

Lighthouse Healthcare Quality Account 2015/16 

Average Lengths of Stay

Length of Stay in Learning Disability Hospitals - Lighthouse Healthcare

*data relates to Bradley Woodlands, Field House, Healthlinc House and The Woodhouse services only

Discharge Destinations

Discharge Destinations 2014/15 Lighthouse Healthcare


Lighthouse uses surveys to get the views of people who use the services, their families & carers and commissioners. Surveys can be completed electronically or using a printed version and we make easy read versions available where required. Completion is on an anonymous basis.

The results of the surveys are reviewed by the executive management team and areas for improvement are identified and implemented.

Below are the results of the most recent surveys we have conducted.

Service User Survey Results 2016 

Relative, Friends & Family Survey Results 2016