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Men's Mental Health Care Hospitals

Make an enquiry about our male mental health servicesMental health care and conditions that require that someone you care for needs specialist mental health rehabilitation are common to both men and women.  However, the mental health treatment of men requires a differentiation in approach.  For instance, men are three times as likely to be admitted for substance abuse related mental health problems than women.

At Lighthouse, we offer a range of mental health rehabilitation treatments on a men-only basis.  All Lighthouse mental health hospital services fully comply with government requirements around Eliminating Mixed Sex Accommodation (EMSA).

Staff at our hospitals work with a focus on the active rehabilitation of men with mental health problems and are able to provide tailored services in a safe and secure environment.  Many patients have typically been diagnosed with complex mental health problems such as depression, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder or a personality disorder.

We ensure that mental health support, treatment and rehabilitation programmes can be delivered effectively in a gender-specific manner which improves understanding and effectiveness of the rehabilitation treatments offered. Phoenix House in Welshpool, Powys

Men's private mental health hospital services are provided at:

  • Phoenix House (a hospital specialising in men's mental health)


The following hospitals also provide gender-specific accommodation suitable for individuals with complex mental health needs, learning disability or who are on a rehabilitation pathway in individual units/apartments within the service:


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