How It Worked For Me: Testimonials from our Service Users - Lighthouse Healthcare

How It Worked For Me: Testimonials from our Service Users

Michelle, Ballington House Hospital 

The staff here are brilliant and they have really helped me, you can talk to them or have fun and play games with them. I’ve got my own apartment which is really nice. There are some apartments here that you can share with someone else but I prefer to have my own. 

Patrick, The Woodhouse Hospital

I have lived at The Woodhouse for the past 7 years and I have made some good friends here. there is a good care team in place who are always happy and ready to help. I am looking forward to the future.


Jess, Ballington House Hospital

I have been staying at Ballington House for about 1 and a half years and I’m due to leave here within the next few days to move into flat but still with support that will help me to be even more independent but with the reassurance that someone is there to support me if I need it. 

Alexander, Phoenix House Hosptial

I came to Phoenix House three months ago from another hospital. When I first arrived I was put onto constant observation but after a few days the staff were happy with how I was settling in and I was taken off this.

Sarah, Ballington House Hosptial

I moved to Ballington House from a local CAMHS service where I had been for over a year. That was a bigger unit and there were boys and girls there. Here it is just girls which is good. It feels safe.

Fiona, Healthlinc House Hospital

I have been living at Healthlinc House now for nearly 2 years, and I live in an apartment. There are lots of activities to do here every day. I do lots of things such as bingo and gardening, but that depends on the weather!

Edward, Field House

I enjoy living at Field House and have been here a while now, before moving here I was living in a community hospital. I get on well with the staff and I can chat to them if I need to, I’m quite a quiet person, but I do like chatting to the other patients that talk.

Jane, Chesterfield House Care Home with Nursing

I moved here from Healthlinc House a few years ago and I’m so happy here. The staff are lovely and I always go out with them when I want to go anywhere such as to the shops or for a walk.

Jason, The Woodlands Hospital

I came to live at The Woodlands almost 3 years ago as part of the step down service from The Woodhouse where I lived before for 3 years. I really like it here at The Woodlands - I can’t fault it.