High Intensity Service

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High Intensity Service

Lighthouse Healthcare has a niche position in the learning disability and autism market providing specialist, bespoke services for individuals who have profound and severe needs and risks in relation to challenging behaviours. These often relate to their learning disability, autism spectrum disorder, Make an enquiry about our award winning High Intensity Service for adults with complex and challenging needspersonality disorder, self-injury, self-harm and aggression. People with these needs have often experienced breakdown of numerous placements and providers have been unable to meet their complex and interconnected needs and risks.

Our award winning High Intensity Service is recommended for:

Individuals with a learning disability and / or autism spectrum disorder:

  • Who present with high levels of challenging behaviour
  • Whose challenging behaviour is unpredictable
  • Where their challenging behaviour poses a significant risk to them, others or property
  • Who require access to a skilled staff response at all times


                    High Intensity Service for complex and challenging individuals with learning disability      High Intensity Service in Welton, Lincolnshire

Our Approach

  • Treatment and care is provided which reflects the individual’s unique needs by understanding the functions of their behaviours.
  • A strengths based model which recognises the individual’s needs, aspirations, experiences and strengths so their quality of life is enhanced.
  • Positive risk taking within robust risk management plans.
  • Positive and trusting relationships are developed between the staff and the individual by providing a dedicated staff team.
  • Safe and responsive service provision focusing on the least restrictive environment and practices at all times.
  • Families and carers are involved at all stages of care, in line with the individual’s wishes.
  • Values of care and compassion, dignity and respect are paramount.
  • Close partnership working with the individuals care team to proactively plan their package of care and their discharge pathway.      

Lighthouse Healthcare - High Intensity Service

Key Features of The Programme

  • Bespoke single occupancy, low stimulus apartments designed to keep the individual and the staff team safe, but ensuring a warm, homely and comfortable feel. The apartments have full en-suite facilities, kitchen and living space, alongside staff observation and safe areas and exits. The apartments are situated with full and easy access to private outside garden areas. Furniture is robust and areas padded as appropriate and protection for staff provided where necessary. The apartments are based within the hospital, allowing full use of and access to all teams and facilities in the Lighthouse Healthcare's award winning Complex Needs Learning Disability Servicehospital.
  • An individually tailored meaningful activities programme is provided within the apartments and also with access to communal activities within the main service to allow the individual the opportunity to be involved in activities with peers.
  • Daily input from the MDT around observation levels, activities, psychological, speech and language interventions and medication management.
  • Weekly review by the full MDT to review presentation and progress and identify and agree actions.
  • The support of a skilled staff team, 24 hour hours a day, specifically trained in autism, co-existing personality disorder and autism and self injury.



The Intensive Interactions Programme aims to deliver the following outcomes:

  •  A reduction in the severity, frequency and duration of behaviours that challenge.
  • Improved adaptive functioning, including communication skills. Lighthouse Healthcare's award winning Complex Needs Learning Disability Service
  • Decreased distress
  • Improved mental and psychological health.
  • Improved quality of life.
  • Increased service user and carer satisfaction.
  • Stabilisation and preparation for a move to a bespoke community based setting as appropriate.
  • Decreased need to move placements.


High Intensity Service Provision is delivered by Lighthouse across the East and West Midlands at:

Healthlinc House, Welton, Lincoln. The hospital has eight single person apartments and one registered care apartment within the social care service. All of the apartments are bespoke , tailored to suit the needs and requirements of individuals, with several of them having been commissioned directly and developed for identified individuals with to allow them to step down to a less restrictive setting.

 Lighthouse Healthcare's award winning Complex Needs Learning Disability Service   Lighthouse Healthcare's award winning Complex Needs Learning Disability Service   Lighthouse Healthcare's award winning Complex Needs Learning Disability Service

Kingsley Apartments at The Woodhouse, Cheadle, Staffordshire. This new service has four individual apartments within the hospital site, with shared living and cooking spaces.

Lighthouse Healthcare's award winning Complex Needs Learning Disability Service   Lighthouse Healthcare's award winning Complex Needs Learning Disability Service   Lighthouse Healthcare's award winning Complex Needs Learning Disability Service

How to make a referral to our High Intensity Service 

For more details about our bespoke High Intensity Service or to arrange to visit our service please contact our Key Relationships Manager- Janine Strange on 0800 9542497 or email janine.strange@lighthouse-healthcare.co.uk. Alternatively, you might like to make an enquiry via our website.

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