Healthlinc House

My Experience - Fiona, Healthlinc House

“I have been living at Healthlinc House now for nearly 2 years, and I live in an apartment.

There are lots of activities to do here every day. I do lots of things such as bingo and gardening, but that depends on the weather! I like cooking in my apartment and make pizza and sandwiches with one of the support workers helping me. I made a really nice soup the other day and everyone was really impressed how nice it was! We also have fun days here and we had one not long ago – I went on the bouncy castle it was really good.

We also go on activities outside the hospital. We go swimming at the local leisure centre and we get the whole pool to ourselves which is really nice. I am going shopping soon and I plan to get lots of new clothes like jeans, tops and trainers.

I see my mum regularly and I’m able to go home to stay with her for the weekend every 2 weeks, which I really like. When I’m home with my mum I help her tidy up and enjoy spending time with her.

One day I hope to move out of here and have a place of my own near my mum with supported living so that I can build up my independence slowly and get used to living on my own.”


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