Meet our Executive Team- Lighthouse Healthcare, Chellaston, Derby

Lighthouse Executive Team & Senior Management

Julian Ball- Chief Executive Officer

Julian Ball- Chief Executive Officer, Lighthouse HealthcareI’ve been with Lighthouse since September 2011, but knew the majority of services under their previous ownership. We offer a range of very specialist services to people who have complex needs and our focus is to deliver great outcomes for those people. Our work is challenging but rewarding. We are a small organisation, where we know each other and I have an opportunity to be with staff and service users regularly hearing their stories and learning about their interests, their ambitions and their own plans for the future. Because of our size I have the opportunity to be much closer to the services, the staff and service users than in any large organisation.

I began my career in Health and Social care in 1985 as a Healthcare Assistant after I had done some voluntary work at school which gave me some insight into care. I felt that I empathised with the service users and I thought the job was rewarding and really interesting. As soon as I started work I knew that I wanted to support people and make a difference to people’s lives for the better- I was hooked.

I have a degree and post graduate diploma in business management. What I lack in formal qualifications I hope I make up for in experience across a range of roles over the years. I have worked in very small organisations, mid-sized groups and larger corporate organisations in senior director posts. I have sat on the Boards of Tynefield Care Ltd, Robinia Care and most recently Craegmoor prior to its takeover by Priory Group. I have also advised many major banks and private equity groups on the acquisition of health and social care groups across the whole of the UK.

I really enjoy the team I work with, the very broad range of challenges, tasks and people I meet. Even after 27 years my enthusiasm for providing people with the support they need remains as strong as ever. I don’t think anything can beat helping to making a real difference to people who need our support to change their lives.

It is very rewarding to see people leave our services, confident, empowered and ready for the next stage in their lives. I like to see our staff recognised for the great work they do in contributing to better lives. We work with some of the most disadvantaged people in society desperate to improve their lives. For me, knowing that they are safe, enjoying their life and making progress to return to their community is key. We have a mindset of constantly trying to be better at what we do. When change works and you can see it working that is great for everyone.

Nick Ktori - Finance Director

Nick Ktori- Finance Director, Lighthouse Healthcare, Chellaston, Derby“After graduating from Sheffield University, I qualified as a Chartered Accountant with Ernst & Young. I have been working in senior finance roles within the Health and Social Care sector since 2006, initially at Craegmoor where I was Corporate Finance Director for 5 years up until its acquisition by Priory Group in 2011. Immediately prior to joining Lighthouse in October 2013, I was Finance Director for a West Midlands based social care provider. My role at Lighthouse Healthcare provides plenty of variety (no two days are the same) and gives me the opportunity to work with a dedicated and talented group of people. Providing the financial support and infrastructure to enable my colleagues to deliver great outcomes for our service users brings me a real sense of job satisfaction.”

Linda Quinn - HR Director

Linda Quinn - HR Director, Lighthouse Healthcare“I have been working for Lighthouse since 2007 and find that it’s an ever evolving, developing organisation that is always looking for ways to better itself which, whilst demanding makes work interesting.

I began my career in Health & Social care 6 years ago when after 17 years of working in the Charitable sector undertaking a role that encompassed a number of key operational activities in addition to HR, I decided I wanted to move back to a more HR focused role whilst still maintaining my personal requisite to work within a sector whereby the end result of my labours was for a worthwhile cause.

I have the following qualifications; MSc Distinction HRM (Human Resource Management), Chartered MCIPD - Employment Law, Core Business Management, Managing Learning , Employee Relations, Employee Resourcing, NEBOSH Certificate (National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health), City & Guilds 7302 Delivering Learning, Certificate in Counselling, and NEBSM Certificate (National Examination Board in Supervisory Management).

What I like about my job although in an indirect way is being able to make a difference to the lives of those people in our care. I get most job satisfaction by knowing that the end result of the work undertaken by myself and my team has a direct impact on improving the lives of individuals who would otherwise find life extremely difficult.”

Chris Hughes - Service Director (West)

Chris Hughes - Service Director (West), Lighthouse Healthcare“I have been working for Lighthouse since May 2010 but started my career in Healthcare at the age of 20 when I had finished my A-levels and became a student mental health nurse. I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do when I left school and fell into nursing but I have worked across both the NHS and Independent sector ever since.

Along with being a registered mental health nurse, I have a diploma in management, a BSc (Hons) Health & Social Care and I’m currently studying for an Executive MBA in Health Service Management.

Working with people is the single most enjoyable part of my job, whether it’s with service users, colleagues or external people such as commissioners, clinicians and care managers. I like listening to what others have to say and looking at whether there is anything we can do to help them in their individual situation or with particular problems. My role is a mix of commercial, clinical and operational issues which makes every day extremely interesting and satisfying.

I like the philosophy of Lighthouse as a company as it puts service users and their needs first above anything else. As we are only a small organisation, the directors have an intimate working knowledge of the services, the people who work in them and the people who use them. It is down to this that we are able to respond to any issues quickly and appropriately.

I get the most satisfaction in my role seeing patients discharged from our services into the community. Comparing how they were when they were admitted makes you realise just how far these individuals have come in their own personal journey.”

Debbie Nutt - Service Director (East)

Debbie Nutt - Service Director (East), Lighthouse Healthcare

“My health and social care career began whilst I was doing voluntary work for Mencap, during this time I found that I developed an excellent rapport with the people who were using the services, which led me to do my nurse training to become a Registered Nurse for people with Learning Disabilities, and 30 years later I remain committed and positive in my support to each service user. 

As a Learning Disability Nurse I have over three decades of experience working with people who have learning disabilities, complex care and support needs including those individuals with mental health needs, ABI, ACS and challenging behaviours. During this time I have worked across the full range of provisions including hospitals, residential services, supported living settings and across all service sectors including the NHS, private and not for profit organisations. Having worked at Director and Senior levels I have developed significant clinical knowledge and business development experience along with a successful track record of partnership working with Commissioners in identifying and interpreting the needs of the service users and developing these into high quality service provisions. 

I joined Lighthouse Healthcare in February 2013 and really like the company’s ability to support and develop people when they most need it, when their health and social needs are at their greatest and then provide the care and support as part of a skilled and experienced service that enables them onto the pathway to recovery, getting their lives back on track. I have found that everyone here is friendly, hardworking and striving to achieve improvements to our services. It is a very positive environment to work in and everyone pulls together to achieve very positive results. 

I particularly enjoy the company of the people using our services, especially their honest views about their life, experiences, successes and their hopes for the future.  I like being part of a successful team that assists the company to build even further on its successful track record of supporting each person to develop.”

Janine Strange- Key Relationships Manager 

Janine Strange- Key Relationships Manager, Lighthouse Healthcare

"I joined Lighthouse Healthcare in May 2014 and bring with me 20 years’ experience in the Health/ Social Care sector, with a background in operational management and business development at senior management level. During this time I have worked for Turning Point, Nottinghamshire Healthcare Trust and Millennium Care Trust and also as a research consultant for Sheffield Hallam University. I have a degree in Psychology and two Masters in Criminology and Leadership in Health and Social Care. I am also a qualified Social Worker. 

My Health and Social Care career originally began when I started working with people with substance misuse problems and then moved into mental health and learning disabilities. Over the last 10 years my work has been in operational management and being involved in developing a range of new services and leading on the development of locked rehabilitation services. 

What I enjoy most about my job is working with case managers and commissioners to determine their needs and then working with the company to provide service solutions that meet these needs.

What attracted me to working for Lighthouse was the commitment and passion of the executive team and managers to develop services that are responsive to changing needs and continually striving to improve them. 

I get the most job satisfaction by being a part of developing the company, its service models and care pathways to support our patients’ needs."

Karen Bell - Compliance and Quality Manager 

Karen Bell- Compliance and Quality Manager, Lighthouse Healthcare

“I don’t have a traditional Health and Social Care background. My interest and passion in health care services began whilst working for the police. I was a member of police staff and had the role of vulnerable victim co-ordinator. I was a civilian investigator and investigated crimes perpetrated against vulnerable adults. Sadly, this meant I spent a lot of time in care homes, hospitals and the domestic care environment. I was heavily involved with safeguarding teams, social workers and CQC, attending strategy meetings and case conferences.

My role within the police was very reactive and I really wanted to be more proactive in the protection of vulnerable people. When I saw the role of CQC inspector advertised I thought this would be a way of becoming more proactive. As a CQC inspector, I have worked with providers to ensure that the care delivered is safe, compassionate and effective. Nothing gives me more satisfaction than seeing the difference my intervention has made to the quality of life of people who use those services.

People are at the heart of an organisation both staff and people who use services.  My belief is that this is paramount in all services.”