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PDF Downloads and CPD resources for mental healthcare professionals

Welcome to our downloads area where you will find a number of useful resources and documents for you to download whether for further reading or general interest around different topics within mental health and related areas.

Below are downloadable PDF's

Autism and Life - John Simpson

Sensory Presentation for Adults and Children - Dr Jacqui Jackson

The Complex Relationship between Autism and Mental Health problems - Dr Steve Hinder

Lighthouse Healthcare Autism Conference 2012- Delegate Feedback

World Mental Health Day 2012

Lighthouse Healthcare Company Brochure

Lighthouse Healthcare- Specialist Learning Disability Care brochure

Lighthouse Healthcare- Specialist Mental Health Care brochure

Lighthouse Healthcare- Specialist Autistic Spectrum Condition Care brochure

The Autism Show- Manchester 28th-29th June 2013- Visitors Brochure

Positive Predictability & Effective Motivation- John Simpson

Lighthouse Healthcare Commissioners & Care Managers Survey Results 2012

Lighthouse Healthcare Service User Survey Results 2013

Lighthouse Healthcare Relative, Friends & Family Survey Results 2013

Dr Steve Hinder- Autism, Competence, Aspergers Syndrome and Capacity

Professor Sue Read- Loss, Death and Learning Disability. Creative approaches for meaningful support

Dr Karen Dodd- Supporting people with learning disabilities and dementia

Lighthouse Healthcare- Learning Disability & associated complex conditions educational conference agenda

Lighthouse Healthcare- Learning Disability & associated complex conditions educational conference- Speaker Biography

Lighthouse Healthcare- Results of Service User Survey 2014

Lighthouse Healthcare- Results of Relative, Friends & Family Survey 2014

Moving forward…Combining Sensory and Communication Intervention into Rehabilitation- Presentation by Karen Retford & Fiona Brettell

Mental Health care that works for women: Taking a Gender Informed Approach. – Dr Jennie Williams

The Canary in Birdcage: A personal account of Bipolar Disorder- Paul Booth

From User Involvement to Coproduction: Creating the conditions for Recovery - Dr Julie Repper

Personality Disorder- Professor Eddie Kane

The National Autistic Society's Professional Conference 2015

Lighthouse Healthcare Quality Account 2015/16

Moving forward...Building positive relationships through communication and occupation

How Lighthouse Healthcare is Transforming Care

Case Managers & Commissioners Survey 2015

High Intensity Service at Kingsley Apartments, The Woodhouse, Cheadle

AMP Technology Centre Location Map- Venue for Transforming Complex Care Conference Oct 2015

Agenda for Transforming Complex Care Conference Oct 2015

Lighthouse Healthcare- Results of Service User Survey 2015

Working with sexual offenders with intellectual disabilities- Professor Leam Craig

An ethnography of locked wards for learning disabled women- Dr Rebecca Fish

Benefits of bespoke care in a single occupancy setting- Robin Colley

Complexities of the relationship between learning disability and severe autism- Dr Steve Hinder

Transforming care agenda and the importance of least restrictive settings and practice- Bill Fox

Lighthouse Healthcare- Our Enhanced Social Care Services

Agenda for Lighthouse Healthcare Conference October 2016-Supporting Women with Complex Needs

Health & Safety Consultant

Stepping Out: the needs of women discharged from secure mental health services | Georgie Parry-Crooke

Hidden Pain: Self-Injury in People with Learning Disability | Fiona Macaulay

Trans and Non-Binary/ Genderqueer | Christina Richards

Approaches to Working with Personality Disorder | Dr Hannah Friend

Progression from Low Secure into the Community | Dr Stella Nugent

Agenda for Lighthouse Healthcare Conference March 2017- Supporting Individuals with a Learning Disability and Forensic History

Infographic- Specialists in working with those with a learning disability and forensic history

People with learning disabilities in the forensic system: prevalence, vulnerabilities and interventions- Professor Glynis Murphy

Arson, Intellectual Disabilities and Complex Needs | Dr Stella Nugent

Challenges of working with men who sexually offend who have a learning disability | Dr Hannah Friend & Rachel Craven

Challenges of moving people into the community | Janine Strange & Charlean Thaiss

Reducing challenging behaviour through sensory work in adults with a forensic history and developmental disabilities

Demonstrating Positive Outcomes through Bespoke Provision

Agenda for Managing Adults with Learning Disability, Autism & Challenging Behaviour Conference

Assessing & Treating the Sensory Needs of Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder | Heather Clarke-Lewis

Reducing Challenging Behaviour | Carl Slaney

Delivering Positive Outcomes through single person hospital services | Donna Fleming

Developing new bespoke services through collaborative working | Ken Ngwang

A Holistic Approach to Behaviours of Concern | Geoff Evans