Specialist Forensic Care Services in Staffordshire

Specialist Forensic Care Services in Staffordshire

Through our specialist hospital and step down community based service, we provide services for people with a learning disability and / or mental health issue or personality disorder who also have a forensic or offending background, with the aim of reducing the risks posed through our intensive outcomes focused treatment and rehabilitation programme.

We are able to support those with issues in relation to arson, violence and aggression and we specialise in working with people with a sexual offending history.

Specialist services at The Woodhouse hospital;

  • Lockwood -  assessment, treatment and rehabilitation services

  • Farm Cottage – a 3 bedded cottage where independent living skills can be developed

  • Woodhouse Cottage – a 3 bed cottage, again enhancing the development of daily living skills

Step down to specialist community based service at The Woodlands:

For those individuals who require a high level of support and supervision in a community setting, often as part of a pathway when stepping down from secure or hospital care or to avoid an inappropriate hospital admission. Individuals can also access this service outside of The Woodhouse pathway.

If you would like to speak to us about someone you are working with who may be suitable for one of our services please call Janine Strange, Partnerships Development Manager on 07551 154416   janine.strange@lighthouse-healthcare.co.uk