Demonstrating Positive Outcomes Through Bespoke Provision

Demonstrating Positive Outcomes Through Bespoke Provision

Lighthouse Healthcare has offered a unique apartment based model of care within our hospitals for nearly 20 years and we have evolved this apartment based model further by creating bespoke, single person services delivered within a High Intensity Service. The High Intensity Service is recommended for individuals with a learning disability and/ or autism spectrum disorder;

  • Who present with high levels of challenging behaviour

  • Whose challenging behaviour is unpredictable

  • Where their challenging behaviour poses a significant risk to them, others or property

  • Who require access to a skilled staff response at all times

  • Who require a robust, bespoke environment

Our first High Intensity Service development opened in 2014 at Healthlinc House in Lincolnshire as a response to specific needs for patients. The service was then expanded to The Woodhouse hospital in Staffordshire in 2015 to deliver a much needed provision across a further geographical area. The Kingsley unit at The Woodhouse provides four bespoke apartments. All of these bespoke single person apartments were filled very quickly demonstrating the significant need for such provision within the market.

Read the full Demonstrating Positive Outcomes through Bespoke Provision report here

Lighthouse High Intensity Services aim to deliver the following outcomes:

  •  A reduction in the severity, frequency and duration of behaviours that challenge.

  • Improved adaptive functioning, including communication skills.

  • Decreased distress.

  • Improved mental and psychological health.

  • Improved quality of life.

  • Increased service user and carer satisfaction.

  • Stabilisation and preparation for a move to a bespoke community based setting as appropriate.

  • Decreased need to move placements

These outcomes are measured through successful discharge into the community, HONOS (Health of the Nation Outcomes Scale) LD, the Outcomes Star, incident analysis.

To date we have discharged five people, three of whom have successfully moved on to bespoke services designed to meet their needs within the community.

We have a further three patients now awaiting discharge whilst appropriate community based placements are sourced.

In terms of HONOS assessments, the majority of people within the High Intensity Services have shown improvement in their scores, demonstrating an overall improvement in their health and social functioning.

Assessments using the Outcomes Star demonstrate that 80% of those who have been assessed have shown an improvement overall in the majority of the domains. Areas where particular improvements have been seen are in; people spending their time more constructively, living in a safe and supportive setting and improvements in their communication skills and general health.

When analysing incidents it can be seen that overall, the level of incidents are decreasing for the individuals currently in our High Intensity services, demonstrating  that  behaviours that challenge are stabilised and improved through the High Intensity Service.

We believe that Lighthouse High Intensity Services  offer a unique, successful,  blue print solution for some of the most complex and challenging people within the system, who for years have struggled to fit into the available group living and ward environments.  Our services enable engagement, interaction and evidence of a possible solution that might be replicated in more appropriate community based settings.

Read the full Demonstrating Positive Outcomes through Bespoke Provision report here