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Mental Health Rehabilitation Services

All Lighthouse services focus on the care and rehabilitation of patients to enable them to gain Make an enquiry about our Mental Health Rehabilitation service hereback their independence at a pace that suits them.  Staff and patients work towards the primary aim of supporting the individual along a care and therapy pathway that enables them to be discharged into the community, ideally into their own home or into supported living.  

Typically, our mental health rehabilitation care can include patients with mental health problems and co-morbid conditions such as learning disability, personality disorder and substance misuse as well as for learning disabled adults with complex needs, or people with autistic spectrum condition.

The rehabilitation process and treatment for mental health conditions are tailored to the individual's needs and involves a number of elements:

  • Implementation of a recovery model 
  • A multidisciplinary clinical approach to case formulation and interventions including psychiatry, psychology, occupational therapy, social work and nursing 
  • Positive risk taking 
  • Access to psychological therapies
  • Developing community engagement
  • Promoting social inclusion
  • Focusing on person-centred care
  • Measuring outcomes
  • Comprehensive discharge planning

Lighthouse services work in partnership with the individual, their family members and carers, the care manager and commissioner to plan, implement and evaluate any programmes put in place to ensure that the care and therapies provided are effective, the agreed outcomes are reached and the service provides value for money.


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