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Mental Health Hospital Care for Men and Women

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Our specialist mental health hospital services are designed to provide crisis and rehabilitation support.  Their aim is to promote independence and integration into the community for our service users through the use of the recovery approach to mental health.

We operate three residential mental health rehabilitation centres for those with complex mental health problems:

  • Phoenix House Hospital in Welshpool, Powys Crisis and rehabilitation mental health service for men. Phoenix House provides a pathway of services for men with complex mental health issues such as schizophrenia, bi-polar disorder or depression and associated conditions including substance misuse and personality disorder. psychiatric care and mental health rehabilitation support for male adults with mental health problems. Phoenix House Hospital can provide locked rehabilitation for acute mental health treatment and can accept men detained under the Mental Health Act (1983). Phoenix House are able to accept immediate admissions as part of their crisis service. 
  • Yr Hafan Hospital in Welshpool, Powys Crisis and rehabilitation mental health service for women. Yr Hafan a separate part of Phoenix House in Welshpool is a specialist mental health crisis and Mental Health Hospital Care for Men and Womenrehabilitation hospital that provides services for women with complex mental health needs and/or personality disorder. Yr Hafan is able to accept women on an informal basis and also those detained under the Mental Health (1983). Yr Hafan are able to accept immediate admissions as part of their crisis service.
  • Ballington House Hospital in Leek, Staffordshire specialist mental health care for women. Ballington House provides a specialist mental health hospital service for women who are over the age of eighteen looking for psychiatric care. The service model at Ballington House is based on a Psychologically Informed Environment (PIE). The PIE model allows for self-assessment and increased self-awareness resulting in reduction in chaotic behaviours and increased engagement with staff, giving the person the best chance of leading a well-balanced life again.


Each service adopts an holistic, psychosocial approach to care based upon an individual’s psychiatric, psychological, social and spiritual needs. Many individuals present with additional complex needs such as substance misuse, personality disorder and learning disability, all of which can be addressed through access to psychological therapies and specialist input from the multi-disciplinary clinical teams. Mental Health Hospital Care for Men and Women

Working with relatives and carers is a key component of our treatment for mental health and people are encouraged to access the hospital managers for information and to assist in the planning process, especially around discharge. 

The Care Programme Approach is the standard format within our services for the review and evaluation of the treatment and rehabilitation programme and for ensuring that services continue to provide effective, value for money care.

Specialist Mental Health Care for Women

Women's mental health is a specialist area of mental health care, and female service users at both Ballington House and Yr Hafan will often have complex mental health needs such as;

  • Personality Disorder not necessarily diagnosed
  • Substance misuse
  • Learning disability

Our empathic and understanding approach will suit women referred to our services who may have histories of trauma, abuse and self harm.

Crisis and Rehabilitation Service

Our Crisis and Rehabilitation Service is available at both Phoenix House and Yr Hafan.

The crisis service provides short term assessment and treatment aimed at stabilising a person’s mental health for return to their home environment and continued support from their community team.

The rehabilitation service offers an individually tailored programme of therapeutic interventions ad outcomes based activities aimed at a successful and timely discharge into the community.

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Read our case studies of service users who are seeing some really positive outcomes and improvements to their mental health 

  • Read about Alexander staying at Phoenix House mental health hospital in Welshpool and how with mental health support from the clinical team around him he has been able to start a college course which will help him with his future goals and independence. 
  • Read about Michelle at Ballington House who is feeling much more positive than she was when she first arrived at Ballington House. The support from staff has helped her to gain more confidence and she’s starting to feel much better about herself now and is attending a Zumba class every week at the local leisure centre which she finds really good fun.