Learning Disability- Specialist locked rehabilitation for adults with learning disability

Specialist Learning Disability Locked Rehabilitation Hospital Care for adults

Make an enquiry about our Learning Disability ServicesWe provide learning disability services in a range of locked bespoke and therapeutic environments to deliver timely individually tailored recovery and rehabilitation programmes.

Every person with a learning disability is a unique individual and Lighthouse services are set up to respond to individual needs in a meaningful, person-centred manner.

This process begins with a comprehensive needs-led assessment prior to admission to a Lighthouse hospital care setting. All assessments involve the individual, their family/carers, current care provider and commissioner to ensure that the needs of the individual with learning disabilities is met.

The key elements in any of these services are:

  • Small group or single person living environments replicating an ordinary living setting
  • Individually tailored recovery and rehabilitation pathways keeping length of stay to a minimum
  • Treatment delivered following My Shared Pathway The Woodhouse- Specialist Learning Disability Hospital Service in Cheadle, Staffordshire
  • Positive risk taking
  • Strengths based approach
  • Positive behaviour management  strategies
  • Care planned  psychological therapies
  • Access to at least 30 hours of meaningful activity 7 days a week
  • Developing independent living skills and community engagement
  • A strong emphasis on safeguarding The Woodhouse- Specialist Learning Disability Hospital Service in Cheadle, Staffordshire
  • Robust clinical governance
  • Access to independent advocacy
  • Strong multiagency and family partnerships to ensure a holistic package of care and pathway

Our learning disability locked rehabilitation services aim to deliver the following outcomes:

  • Improvements in mental health and patient symptoms
  • Effective management of behaviour
  • Reduction of risk The Woodhouse- Learning Disability Hospital Service in Cheadle, Staffordshire
  • Preparation for successful community living
  • Good physical health
  • Improved self esteem and self worth
  • Social inclusion

At Lighthouse we care for people who alongside learning disabilities may have complex needs including mental health disorders, personality disorders and autism spectrum condition.

Through our range of learning disability services we are able to provide a complete  pathway that is able to support an individual from low secure hospital care right through to community based living in a residential care home service, all in preparation for the ultimate goal of being discharged from services into the person’s own home or supported living setting in the community. Healthlinc House, Welton, Lincolnshire- Specialist Learning Disability Hospital

We provide learning disability hospital services at the following sites:

Typical Patient profile for Learning Disability Care Services


Adults 18+


Typical patient profiles accessing our care for the learning disabled services

  • Primary diagnosis of learning disability
  • May have complex mental health needs, challenging behaviour, personality disorder, dual diagnoses or autistic spectrum condition.
  • May or not be detained under the Mental Health Act (1983)

Typical referral route:

Referred via community or inpatient health services or via criminal justice services.

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To find out more about our locked rehabilitation hospital services; arrange a visit or make a referral to one of them, either click on one of the hospital links above, or make an enquiry online. If you prefer to speak to us contact us on 0800 954 2497

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