Autism Spectrum Disorder specialist care

Specialist Autism Care for Men and Women

Flexible & creative solutions for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder

We provide specialist services to adults with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). By recognising the Specialist Autism Care Servicesdiverse range of needs presented by people with autism and the challenges they are likely to face in everyday life, these services have been designed to provide flexible and creative solutions for individuals who have often struggled to cope in previous services.

Specialist treatment programmes.

Lighthouse provides specialist services to people with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Each care programme identifies and supports the individual with their particular issues around communication, sensory difficulties, social interaction, physical healthcare and any behavioural difficulties.

Our unique autism specific pathway offers a consistent and predictable environment that aims to increase the individuals’ independence and skills in communication, daily living and self-regulation.

We are also able to offer bespoke services for individuals who have profound and severe needs and risks in relation to challenging behaviours. Specialist Autism Care Services

Treatment programmes on these specialist units are supported by an experienced multi-disciplinary team made up of experienced clinicians who are skilled in the assessment and treatment of individuals with complex presentations and including a consultant psychiatrist, a consultant clinical psychologist, occupational therapist and speech and language therapist.

Individualised care pathways

From pre-admission through to the point of discharge we provide a clear care pathway for individuals with complex needs. Each care programme identifies and supports the individual with their particular issues around communication, sensory difficulties, social interaction, physical healthcare and any behavioural difficulties. Autism Spectrum Disorder specialist care

The core components of our individualised care pathways are:

  • Pre-Admission assessment
  • Autism- Personal profile
  • 24 hour plan of care/ support
  • Positive Behaviour Management strategies
  • Functional behaviour analysis
  • Risk assessment and risk management plan
  • Health Action Plan
  • Communication Passport
  • Flexibility of thought profile
  • Sensory profiling Autism Spectrum Disorder specialist care
  • Special diets
  • Wellbeing- Physical, Social, Psychological, Emotional, Spiritual
  • Continuity & consistency- transition support
  • Access to meaningful and stimulating activity
  • Sexuality and sexual awareness
  • Staff training support and development

Care across all our services

We operate a strengths based approach to enable individuals to lead a full and valued life.

We have made huge progress in the lives of many of our service users and their families, and have helped numerous individuals who have been unable to be managed previously and successfully reduce Autism Spectrum Disorder specialist carethe intensity, frequency and duration of their severely challenging behaviour

Our specialist autism services are:

  • The Woodhouse in Cheadle, Staffordshire
  • Bradley Woodlands Low Secure in Grimsby
  • Healthlinc House in Welton, Lincoln

Individuals with autism may also be supported by our other mental health and learning disability hospital services, depending on their individual needs.  Patients and their families are able to access these services via our specialist clinicians for advice and support around autism at any time. 

Typical Patient profile for our specialist Autism Care Services


Adults 18+


Male and Female. The Whiston and Moneystone units at The Woodhouse are male only services

Typical patient profiles accessing our Autism Spectrum Condition services

  • Diagnosis of Autistic Spectrum Condition 
  • Diagnosis of learning disability or challenging behaviour
  • May have a forensic background
  • May have struggled to cope in previous care and support settings
  • May or may not have been detained under the Mental Health Act (1983), including restriction orders

Typical referral route:

Referred via community or inpatient health services or via criminal justice services.  Staff at the hospital are always happy to talk with parents about the services on offer at the hospital and how these might suit individuals within their care.


Find out more about our specialist autism care services

To find out more about our autism care and therapy services, to arrange a visit or to make a referral, contact our Key Relationship Manager on 0800 9542497. Alternatively, you might like to make an enquiry online.